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Random question

                So I had watched the Teen Beach Movie (BTW adorable movie) after I was talked into seeing it and on there I saw our favorite quiet semi-friend soccer player Cole. It took me a bit to remember him but let me say first. He is one fine hunk of man. Have you seen those muscles he has been hiding from us?!?!?! It makes our beautiful Avan look weak! Then it got me thinking about Twisted. Suddenly a blond appeared in the movie and it made me think about Jo. Then a couple being all romantic and stuff popped up and it made me think even more (I know this is dangerous). Are Jo and Cole a cute couple?

               Both are quiet, both are pretty serious. I feel that if Danny is going back to prison and the writers indirectly tell us that he is NEVER gonna be in a relationship EVER again then I would route for them. I think if they got to know each other better that they would become friends and possibly more. I feel that Tyler kinda pushed Jo to do what she did. She did chose to but I feel like he is gonna leave her. Seriously who does that after like a day of dating?! He sees her as a fun lay and will move on sooner rather than later. Since Facebook posted a pic of a prison bracelet on Danny’s wrist I am assuming he was caught. Jo will probably be pregnant because us teens on television are stupid. Lacey and Jo will not be talking as usual, and Jo will try to avoid Rico after what he said. So who is left, COLE.

I think he will be the one to help her through this so she doesn’t commit suicide or do drugs or become a prostitute or something like that.If he doesn’t develop feelings in a romantic way for her then I believe it will be in a protective big brother way. Cole seems like a good guy and Jo needs that right now. Someone who can be stable, kind, sweet and honest to her. Someone who can guide her gently so she doesn’t go down a dark path. Someone who hold her while she cries and make her laugh and will be by her side no matter what. After what has happened her ENTIRE life Jo needs that now more than ever

I honestly have no faith left in Danny after what he did. I do not think that he killed Regina but I would not trust him anymore. I would not talk to him, nor would I associate myself with him.

So tell me am I crazy to think that Cole and Jo will form a relationship?



Jo and Danny // Invisible (by GLee Glez)

This video was a request by braileshipper4win


goodness me that was incredible I think I may re-post this just so I don’t have to hunt too much to watch again

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